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AFS uses the highest quality refractories for optimum service life at competitive pricing.

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Using the newest technology available, the highest quality of standards, at competitive prices, Applied Foundry Solutions, LLC designs furnaces in any shape or size to meet the customer’s specific processing needs.

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What we do best

  • We offer a complete line of high quality aluminum processing furnaces: dry hearth, wet bath, and crucible.
  • We also off a complete line of electric and gas holding furnaces, filtration furnaces and heated launder systems.
  • Our combustion systems have been designed to be dependable, efficient, and easily maintained.
  • Our control systems use only state of the art equipment, providing full proportioning features.
  • Gas systems include UV monitored flame safeguard with automatic ignition and fully cascade of PLC control systems if required.
  • AFS offers a variety of electrically heated systems, including complete SCR drive controls.
  • AFS offers a complete refractory reline and repair service using only the highest quality refractories for optimum service life and energy efficiency at competitive pricing.
  • Our lining constructions have been engineered to provide excellent service life in high production melt shop applications.
  • AFS offers a technical service department with trained technicians, providing a wide range of services: troubleshooting, routine maintenance, installation of full turn-key systems, and on-site maintenance training.
  • AFS offers a complete line of high quality refractory products, furnace spare parts, and high temperature safety clothing.
  • AFS is a distributor for Honeywell combustion components.

Our Products and Services

  • High Quality Aluminum Processing Furnaces
  • All furnaces can be configured in any shape or size to meet the customers’ specific processing needs.
  • Dry Hearth Furnaces: Dry Hearth Furnaces are mainly used in applications that require the melting of possible wet scrap as well as more melt rate with less molten inventory and temperature deviation at the tap or dipping area.
  • Wet Bath Furnaces: The wet bath furnace is able to melt dry material with less metal losses in the melt process than other furnaces as well as better pound per BTU efficiency. Combine this furnace with a metal pump for even improved metal temperature and melt rate.
  • Crucible: for melting a variety of metal with reduced molten inventory as well as a batch melting capacity for smaller production runs or alloy changes.
  • Electric Holding Furnace: are used when burner gases are unavailable.
  • Gas Holding Furnace: High efficiency, low energy gas fired furnaces have been engineered to deliver excellent temperature control with quick recovery combined with low maintenance. Direct heat applied to metal bath with no reflected heat from super heating of the upper sidewalls greatly reduces oxide build-up for ease of cleaning and longer refractory life.
  • Filtration Furnace: For managing the metal cleanliness for demanding metal casting processing.
  • Heated Launder System: For transferring of molten metal. Continuous or intermittently.

“Applied Foundry Solutions, leaders in custom design and customer service.”