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Applied Foundry Solutions

Resource List

  • New Furnaces designed, fabricated and installed per individual customer needs. Natural gas or Electrically heated. Types of furnaces are Wet Bath Reverberatory with sow hearth melting or well charging, Dry hearth melting furnace, holding furnaces and heated launders for transporting metal from melt furnace to holding furnace.
  • Redesign of existing furnaces for increased refractory life, decreased metal losses and improved fuel consumption.
  • Refractory repairs of furnaces may be at the customer’s sight or at our facility. Using only the best material and experienced installation personnel.
  • Field service for repairs of controls and combustion systems. 24/7 phone service is at no cost to customers.
  • Updating of combustion controls and combustion systems to meet the customer’s needs.
  • We can supply repairs and spare parts for all types of combustion and controls systems.